Kaukomarkkinat acquires the business of KSM-Lämpötekniikka Oy

ASPO Plc / KAUKOMARKKINAT Ltd  PRESS RELEASE   November 1, 2010 at 14:00

Kaukomarkkinat Ltd, part of Aspo Group, has today, November 1, 2010, acquired the business of KSM-Lämpötekniikka Oy based in Kankaanpää, Finland. The business of KSM-Lämpötekniikka comprises, among other things, the import, sales and installation of biofuel equipment and solar power systems. The company is a strong expert in heating solutions based on solar power and different biofuels.

The net sales of KSM-Lämpötekniikka will be about EUR 1 million for the current fiscal year. The company was founded in 2006.

As a result of the acquisition, the staff of KSM-Lämpötekniikka will transfer to Kaukomarkkinat Ltd, further reinforcing our competence in the renewable energy sector.

"According to its strategy, Kaukomarkkinat particularly invests in energy efficiency solutions. As a result of the KSM acquisition, we will expand our product and service range to include new local energy solutions," says Immo Nykänen, Vice President, Kaukomarkkinat.

Nykänen estimates that the need for energy efficiency products and services will increase heavily as new Finnish- and EU-wide energy efficiency regulations for greenfield construction and a new national energy policy are adopted, and as energy prices increase.

For further information, please contact:

Immo Nykänen, Kaukomarkkinat Ltd, Vice President, tel. +358 9 521 5455, mobile +358 40 724 2970, immo.nykanen (at) kaukomarkkinat.com
Jussi Päivike, tel. +358 400 594975, jussi.paivike (at) kaukomarkkinat.com

Kaukomarkkinat Ltd
specializes in energy efficiency technology, solutions to improve efficiency in the process industry, and security and digital products. Kaukomarkkinat is part of Aspo Group. Operations are based on the products of the best companies in the industry and the willingness of the company's own experts to improve the operations and efficiency of its customers. Kaukomarkkinat operates in Finland, Poland, Russia, China, and Vietnam.

KSM-Lämpötekniikka Oy
KSM-Lämpöteknikka Oy is an importer of equipment related to the use of renewable energy. The product range includes: KSM Multistoker biomass boilers, solar power systems, Ecomec cubers and Giersch multi-oil burners. In addition to energy products, the company provides design, installation and maintenance services.

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